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Control valve
The control valve is useful and extremely effective, in particular, for hydraulic control tasks (pressure, force, positional control, etc.). The control valve represents one of Schubert & Salzer’s core products and expertise. Amongst the benefits provided by the control valve are, for example, a very low noise level, low energy consumption and very light weight. In fact, the model 6020 control valve incorporates its own positioner, making it suitable for operation under sterile conditions in the food and chemical industries. With an extreme little stroke of 16 mm, the control valve can also be used where control quality is at a premium. In its standard version, the 6020 control valve is designed to operate at up to a media temperature of 140°C although a special version can be used up to 200°C. The self-learning ability of the digital positioner means that the operating characteristics of the control valve are flexible for many groups which must be achieved high requirements.

The valve can be modified even further with options such as explosion protection for the positioned which are sensible in certain areas. Other applications are offered by the 7061 valve, which is suitable for particularly critical media (biological and pharmaceutical industries). By incorporating an aseptic membrane, the valve can be used under sterile conditions with, for example, gases. vapours and liquids. Accessories such as the RM-1 analogue feedback module in the twin lead version, or the RM-2 analogue feedback module in the 4-lead version round out the requirements for a professional operation and proved to be most efficient.


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