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Ball sector valves
Ball sector valves can be used for almost all applications, in particular for isolating and controlling contaminated and/or pasty media. The specially slotted ball sectors means the ball sector valves are self-cleaning and can be used with actuators and controllers in a wide range of configurations for very precise control in a wide range of applications.
Model 4020 ball sector valves, equipped with a pneumatic part-turn actuator and top-mounted digital positioner, are suitable for high flow rates and media containing solids. These ball sector valves have the advantage that almost all commercially available positioners for part-turn actuators can be used when mounted in accordance with VDI/VDE 3845. The finish of model 4020 will be produce as stainless steel, but it will be produce as titanium finish for special requirements too.
With model 4023 ball sector valves can be employed among cliffy conditions, because they were tested carefully at ore-facilities. For example these valves will be deliver without controller to fitting company’s own controller.

The delivery options for these ball sector valves range from complete valves with positioner, valves with no controller for customers wishing to install their own controllers or lower valve parts and attachment kits for self-installation. With Kvs values from 0.025 to 3840 and its suitability for abrasive media, the model 4020 in the ball sector valves range can be installed economically and simply. These ball sector valves can be used with liquids, suspensions, gases and difficult, abrasive media up to 200°C.


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