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Motor operated valves
Models like the 8037 of the motor operated valves are sliding gate valves suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The basic material, which is using by Schubert & Salzer, is a stainless steel-finish and fulfills highest requirements (chemical industries for example). Strengthening with reinforcement has enabled the nominal pressure to be raised and the nominal size extended to DN 200. These motor operated valves can perfectly work at areas with a media temperature up to 350°C and their versatility can be increased with accessories such as a metal bellows, and external servo-controller and analogue stroke feedback, etc. and motor operated valves are also used by Schubert & Salzer for seat valves.

For example, model 7110 of the motor operated valves, which is produced in a red cast iron-finish, is an angle seat valve designed for both on/off as well as control operations, and can be used for neutral and aggressive media (light-contaminated too). Furthermore, this model of the motor operated valves has universal actuation versions with flexible accessories and will produced in a red iron cast-finish. In fact, this factor makes it a good alternative to a pneumatic valve if a compressed air supply is too expensive to provide.
For this range of motor operated valves, this model can be fitted with an integrated servo controller (positional electronics), or a limit switch. The motor operated valves such as the 3-way 7282 valve are the ideal alternative if providing a compressed air supply is too costly. It is suitable for on/off as well as control operation with neutral and aggressive media.


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