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Pinch valves
Pinch valves are especially designed to handle fluids that are viscous, highly aggressive or contain particles as well as abrasive and gaseous fluids. Due to its aseptic design without dead spaces it can also be used in the production of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Our pinch valve of type 7078 is available with threaded ends, welding ends or clamp connection, while our 7071 and 7072 types are the right choice for endless tubes. The most hygienic design in order to shut off or control a fluid would be to avoid any contact of the valve itself with that fluid. You can also combine our pinch valves with our digital positioner type 8049 such as our valve type 7077 and 7079. These control valves have an almost linear characteristic depending on the stroke. According to the application you can select tubes made out of NBR, FKM, EPDM, Silicon or SBR.


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