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Positioners and controllers
The digital positioners and controllers, which are developed by Schubert & Salzer, are designed to be top-mounted, conceived in this manner to save space. With this design, the digital positioners and controllers can be used for piston and membrane actuators as well as for part-turn actuation. The outstanding features of the digital positioners are their great accuracy, significantly reduced air consumption and ease of operation.

In addition, the positioners and controllers can be used simple and universally. As the positioners and controllers operate, an input signal of 0/4 - 20 mA or 0/2 - 10 V is converted into an angle of rotation. Despite the technical complexity of the positioners and controllers, they are nevertheless extremely sturdy and insensitive to vibrations. Protection class IP 65 is standard.

The models 8047 of the positioners and controllers are noted for their compactness and are ideal for the fitting to pneumatic control valves (top-mounted). Optional versions of this product in the positioners and controllers range are available also with intrinsically safe designs and with purely pneumatic actuation. By the integration of the controller in the drive of the valve, there are no movable fragments accessible. This model can be adopt for small idle strokes and is available in an Ex-certified-Version too. The declaration of weight for this positioner varies at 0,85 kg to 1,3 kg (depending on the version).

The model 8049 is a self-learning and compact positioner and is arranged by the IP65-protection system. The positioner will be configure by PC-Software, have a low vibration-sensitivity and a high idle stroke of 3 – 28 mm. This model can be delivered with the AS-I-finish and a finish which is conform with the Ex-Zone 22 too.


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