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Seat valve
Schubert & Salzer’s seat valve is an all-rounder in the field of valve technology which makes light work of the millions of switching operations, high temperatures and even aggressive media which assume high quality. The stainless steel version of the 7032 flange seat valve can’t be corrode and can be supplied with a brass, stainless steel or plastic cap. Compact in construction and unaffected by lightly contaminated media, this seat valve can be perfectly economic used in a wide variety of applications. As well as the angle seat design, the seat valve body can also be configured as right angle, flange and angle seat flange bodies, because it’s very flexible in it’s construction.

The wide variety of connection types (from thread through to Tri-clamp) means this seat valve can be adapted to the connection conditions and fulfill highest standards. The actuator for the seat valve can be pneumatic, motor-driven or by hand. The 7210d seat valve have a compact configuration and  can withstand a pressure of up to 12 bar (operating pressure for version with no dead spaces) and a permissible operating temperature ranging between -30°C and 200°C. With it’s different actuators, the valve can be inserated eclectic. The valve is also DIN-certified and have proved oneself multiple. Accessories such as the position control or limit switches the valve can be arranged by the respective modules. This motor-operated valve is therefore perfectly suited for on/off tasks and for controlling neutral and aggressive media.


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