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Sterile valves
The sterile valves of Schubert & Salzer have to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the food industry where hygiene is essential. For example, the body of the sterile valves must be CIP and SIP capable so that there are no zones available for bacteria to grow. As would be expected, the performance of the sterile valves is not allowed to be reduced by these measures. Model 6010 sterile valves are ideally suited for the food industry since their bodies are made from pore-free material. Typically, they are used for gases, steam and liquids under hygienic conditions. Moreover, this type of valve is designed for media temperatures up to 140°C.

Options such as limit switches, pilot valves and manual operation are also available for these sterile valves. Model 7061 sterile valves, with their aseptic membranes, are highly suitable for particularly critical media (such as in the biological and pharmaceutical industries). They are made in stainless steel and the actuation is anodised aluminium. They can operate at pressures up to 8 bar. With model 6021 these valves are EHEDG-certified and perfectly suited to work at chemical and pharmaceutical industries. So these products of Schubert & Salzer will be work efficient under high working conditions. Options like the stainless steel-finish extend the product range of these valves.


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