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Automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding
What are the possible applications for Schubert & Salzer valves in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries? The answer: an infinite number.

In vehicle manufacture, the range of applications stretches from engine test stands to test stands for fuel cells, or from heat exchangers for sports cars right through to use on the vehicle itself – such as for controlling the water feed in fire engines. In paint facilities, our valves assist in metering the paint and in engine block casting shops, our high precision sliding gate valves regulate the compressed air. Due to their very precise rangeability, they ensure that the casting parameters remain constant during the casting process. The cleaning and fettling of work pieces for the automobile industry is another field of application. Here, the cleaning medium is sprayed at high pressure onto the surface being cleaned.

Dealing with pressure is found also in aircraft production, where Schubert & Salzer valves are used in the testing of aircraft engines and in cabin pressure simulations. The air pressure in the cabin is maintained at between about 1.6 to 1.8 bar during flight, which corresponds to the pressure at an altitude of 1800 metres. However, the actual outside air pressure when the aircraft is flying at 11,000 metres is substantially lower, as a result of which the aircraft fuselage expands somewhat. This effect, which can cause material fatigue over time, is simulated by means of a pneumatic unit. The pressurised air for this is controlled by valves from Schubert & Salzer.

Extremely high safety standards apply in shipbuilding also. In this case, because of severe space restrictions in particular, the valve used must be of compact construction, have low weight and, despite wide rangeability, must be easy to maintain. For this reason, our sliding gate valves in particular are highly popular and are used, for example, in the control of thermal oil (for heating circuits), for water processing, for the control of fresh, cold and hot water, and in the generation of steam.

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