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The manufacture of colourful and stylishly appealing textiles and of technical textiles is an involved process. Regardless of whether it is in the processing of yarn or individual articles involving their bleaching, dyeing, sizing, washing, singeing, thermo fixing or finishing, these require exact metering of dyes, chemicals and other auxiliary substances and basic utilities such as liquor, steam or water. This task is fulfilled by angle seat valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems. These valves are the all-rounders of valve technology which withstand more than one million switching actions even at high temperatures and in the presence of aggressive media. The small, compact form of construction with many connection possibilities and equipment variants is modular in design and versatile in application. As a result, angle seat valves are used, for example, in automated washing and dyeing equipment, in paint kitchen machines, in the metering of dyestuffs and chemicals, in sizing machines, dyeing plants and dissolution stations. Click here for the seat valve product range.

Heat is required to get the dye to adhere properly to the yarn or item of fabric. Generally, the heat transferring medium is hot steam. The job of delivering the right dosage and, thus, the responsibility for the correct temperature is assumed by control valves, such as sliding gate valves, from Schubert & Salzer. The very same control valve is used here mostly for heating with steam as well as for cooling with water, once the dyeing process has been completed. Sliding gate valves provide a seal by the metallic pairing of discs with overlapping slots, reinforced by the backing of its own operating medium. Users appreciate in particular the substantially lower energy consumption due to the short stroke and the optimal flow control. With their compact construction, sliding gate valves are also very maintenance-friendly. An overview of all features of this valve series can be found by clicking here.

Furthermore, in laundries where textiles which are ready to use are mangled or ironed, Schubert & Salzer’s shut-off and control valves are used. Large-scale industrial plants use our Type 7078 pinch valves for metering detergents, as well as shut-off and control valves for dealing with the washing water, the suds and controlling the temperature of the washing process.

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