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Archive 2011
December 2011 | Newsletter

As always, it seems that all of a sudden Christmas is knocking on our doors: We start decorating our homes and we can feel that the year 2011 is coming to an end. We've had a good year: We had highly interesting meetings with our customers, participated in international trade shows, we introduced you to great new products and we initiated exciting projects – and all this despite the troublesome developments in the Euro zone.
We are confident that we will be able to continue this successful course next year and look forward to all the new challenges and opportunities in 2012.
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October 2011 | Newsletter

In this newsletter we talk about beverages - in particular about beer.
For many years now, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems has been a technology partner for beverage producers all around the globe and offers a broad product range for many different applications and processes.
Hence we present you two application reports, written by satisfied customers of the brewery industry. Find out, how our sliding gate valves solve problems in this environment. Further, you will find some interesting details about our right angle valves.
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September 2011 | Newsletter

Summer break is over and Schubert & Salzer Control Systems is back with some exciting news. Our focus in this issue lays on electrical actuators for valves. This technique becomes more and more popular as, compared to pneumatic actuators, electrical actuators are more comfortable in installation and handling. Chosen carefully, they can be a reasonable alternative to pneumatic actuators. Further, electrical actuators can also be used in explosive atmosphere..
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June 2011 | Press Release

Wide range of uses thanks to outstanding control characteristics
Ball sector valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems

The type 4040 ball sector valve is used everywhere where conventional valves break down under severe operating conditions. They are ideal for providing precise control and the safe shut-off of difficult media.
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May 2011 | Newsletter

Most of you will be quite familiar with our angle seat and sliding gate valves. We therefore would like to put emphasis in this newsletter on another product from our portfolio, our ball sector valve 4040 / 4030, which we now can offer in a much richer variety of configurations.
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April 2011 | Press Release

Easy retrofit for valve position feedback

Plug & Play add-on modules for 8049 digital positioners

Feedback modules indicate the current position of a control valve. In doing so, they assist in optimising control precision. In the interest of process optimisation, therefore, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems has developed two optional feedback modules especially for the popular digital positioners in the 8049 V5 series. Designed as a plug & play solution, both feedback modules, the RM2 and the RM3, can be easily retrofitted to all 8049 positioners already installed which have the V5 hardware version of the positioner electronics.
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March 2011 | Press Release

Added benefits from size of sliding gate valves
A DN250 control valve weighing just 50 kg

Sliding gate control valves are easy to handle, compact, light and extremely precise. They provide accurate, fast and economic control of liquid, steam and gaseous media. At the heart of all sliding gate valves are two slotted discs, sliding across and against each other and forming a seal. One of them, the sealing plate, is permanently fixed in the valve body perpendicular to the direction of flow and has a certain number of transverse slots. The second disc, aligned so that it cannot rotate, has the same slot arrangement and moves perpendicularly to the sealing plate, thus changing the cross section of the flow. The pressure difference acts on the moving disc, forcing it against the stationary disc. This provides the seal in the sliding gate valve without the need for a metallic seat.
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February 2011 | Newsletter

Today we would like to introduce two examples of technical solutions which extend the application range for our products:
For sliding gate series GS3 we have further extended the available range ability, enabling you to control even larger flow rate ranges with greater precision.
Our reliable angle seat valves, series 7010, can now also be used for low temperatures applications, ambient temperatures of down to -40°C or fluid temperatures of down to -50°C.
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