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8021 GS4
High Pressure Control Valve
Type 8021
High Pressure Control Valve
with integrated positioner
product line GS4
size DN 25 - DN 250
pressure PN 40, PN 100, PN 160
Pneumatic control valve for the control of neutral and aggressive fluids at high operative pressures with integrated positioner

- Space saving screwed wafer type construction
- Low weight in comparison to competitive valves
- Quiet operation
- High dynamic because of small stroke
- Control of high differential pressures with
  small actuators
- Greatly reduced energy consumption rates due to
  short strokes and low actuating forces on the
  throttle element
- High Kvs-values
Valve body: Stainless steel 1.4571
Diaphragm casing: Aluminium, KTL coated
Fixed disc: Stainless steel coated, STN2
Sliding disc: SFC-disc

For technical information of our positioners please refer to the corresponding data sheets.
- Bellow
- Stroke Sensor
- Positioner (EEx ib IICT6)
data sheet
8021-GS4_-_data_sheet.pdf 340 KB
modified 16.05.2018
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data sheet USA
8021-GS4_-_data_sheet_-_US.pdf 323 KB
modified 28.11.2017
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8021_-_Anleitung_-_Operating_Instructions_-_Manuel.pdf 1530 KB
modified 04.12.2017
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