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Our engineering services at a glance:
  • Component design and optimisation
    At Schubert & Salzer, our products are determined by one thing only: the customer`s application. With a strong design and development team at our disposal, the solution we deliver is guaranteed to meet your needs.
  • Reverse engineering
    At Schubert & Salzer, we also like to stand things on their head from time to time - by generating 3D data from existing components through reverse engineering. The drawings we create can than be adjusted and used to create new, more up to date cast parts. And when it comes to smaller runs of older spare parts, reverse engineering really comes into its own: convenient, cost-effective and tool-free, it`s the ideal way to supply your customers with the spares they need.
  • Casting simulation
    To make sure we deliver the most cost-effective design and the best possible lug connection, we carry out virtual simulations with MAGMA software. This not only avoids costly casting trials but also reduces start-up times.
  • Tool-free modelling
    Thanks to our Voxeljet 3D printer, we can produce fine cast parts from the full spectrum of materials, even in small quantities. So if you have a component with a complex geometry, we can reproduce it - fast, and without investing expensive tools or tool changes. Tool-free modelling is especially effective for producing small quantities, as modifications can be made to the component at any time. Any sample parts you receive will be straight from an experienced caster.

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