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Further processing
At Schubert & Salzer, we do more than just casting: we refine and finish cast parts as well, by mechanical, thermal, electro-chemical, physical and other process steps - so our customers don't have to. Consider us a provider of systems, a one-stop shop for your convenience.

  • CNC machining
    We carry out both simple and complex machining, either in-house or in conjunction with our highly professional partners.
  • Heat treatment
    Heat treatment not only enhances machinability and structural unifority but also optimises properties for specific purposes through special procedures. It allows us to produce components with consistent hardness, or with a tough core structure and hard surface.
  • Surface coating
    We use a variety of grinding and blasting methods to prepare surfaces for finishing. In conjunction with our specialised and reliable partners, we offer electropolishing, slide finishing, wet paint, cathodic dip coating, anodising, powder coating, chromating and chemical nickel plating.
  • Mounting
    We`ll be happy to procure and pre-assemble purchased parts for you.

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