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Stop valves
Schubert & Salzer’s stop valves are manufactured for many fields of application and meet the toughest challenges. For example, there are stop valves in the form of an angle seat valve with an O-ring seal. This valve with the model number 7012 is a member of the stop valves and is a pneumatically operated angle seat valve to control neutral and aggressive fluids. This valve will be deliver in stainless steel and with a plastic-cap. Operating conditions: Gases, vapors, fluids (light-contaminated too). The working-temperature runs in -12°C through +80°C. Options like the pilot valve extend the working-possibilities and allows to make the best profit.
Schubert & Salzer produces “TA-Luft”-certified stop valves so this angle seat valve is the obvious choice when stop valves are required for media such as water, gases or oil.

But stop valves are used also in food production where clean solutions are of vital importance. To serve this market model 6010 stop valves, for example, are manufactured with no dead spaces and are CIP/SIP-capable. The actuators for this valve can swivel and are designed for media temperatures between -20°C and 140°C.
The 7081 valve is a 3/2-way valve, which can withstand heavy switching duties, and in view of its stainless steel construction is suitable for aggressive media. Accessories available for this valve range from different types of cap (brass, stainless steel or plastic) to limit switches, pilot valves and manual operation.


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