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Control valves
20 years ago, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems took a new approach in control valves. It resulted in the development of the sliding gate valves which represented a major step forward for applications and challenges that need control valves. The control valves made by Schubert & Salzer satisfy high demands and will perform precisely, rapidly and economically under highly diverse situations (liquid, steam and gaseous media).

How these control valves work:

A sealing plate fixed in the valve body perpendicular to the direction of flow has a certain number of transverse slits of uniform height. A second disc, which cannot rotate and is equipped with the identical slot configuration, moves against the first disc in the same perpendicular direction, thus changing the flow cross-section. The pressure difference to which it is subject forces the moving disc against the fixed disc to form a seal.

The model 8041 of the control valves is a sliding gate stop valve with a short design which gives it a short in-built height and very short stroke. It is therefore able to achieve very short switching times and a high switching performance. The control valves like the sliding gate control valves in the GS3 range are reinforced. The 8044 sliding gate control valve from the control valve segment is a pneumatically operated control valve with an integrated positioner. Its chief features are its extremely small cubic capacity and low weight.


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