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Seat valves

Seat valves are the extremely reliable all-rounders in the valve world. Our range includes on/off and control valves in stainless steel or bronze, with a stainless steel bonnet or a lightweight plastic actuator. They are available with a threaded or Tri-clamp connection, actuation is either pneumatically or motor-driven and they can be supplied with a flanged body.

Angle seat valves
Angle seat valves in the form of stop and control units offer a particularly compact construction and stand up to very many switch cycles.
In its many versions, the construction of the valve gives a highly efficient flow rate and can be even used to effect in lightly contaminated media.

Flange valves
In the larger sizes, flange valves are easier to remove from pipelines than screwed valves.
This range is supplied to various connection standards as angle and straight flanged seat valves.

Nominal size:

DN15 up to DN80


-50 C up to  +220 C


stainless steel, bronze, brass



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