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Application Reports
January 2018 | Application Report Stadtwerke Bielefeld

Efficient control of thermal capacity using ball sector valves in the district heating system of Stadtwerke Bielefeld

In 2011, the plans of the Stadtwerke Bielefeld to carry out major work on the district heating system and replace diverse control valves in the following year took on a concrete form.
The reason for the planned conversion measures was that the thermal output was to be increased in some of the zones within the existing district heating system. In selected supply strings, the hot water volume flow was to be increased from approx. 500 m3/h to 750 m3/h, the difficulty here being a possible reduction of or respectively maintaining the pressure loss, through the final controlling devices. After all, a low pressure loss through the control valves means a reduced pumping capacity and therefore reduced electricity consumption.

A stable supply for the consumer was also to be ensured during extreme changes to the heating demands and the pressure fluctuations during the summer and winter periods that make the situation additionally difficult.

Up to then, Stadtwerke Bielefeld had given preference to the use of seat-plug-control valves and oval type wedge gate valves.

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February 2017 | Application Report Dow Chemical

Robust segment disc valves also contribute significantly to availability of industrial power plants

At its production site in Stade, the US-American company Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) operates a state-of-the-art gas and steam turbine power plant which produces not only power but also thermal energy which is necessary for operating the chemical plants. Due to power/heatcogeneration, efficiency rates of more than 80%
can be reached. A fuel mix based of hydrogen and natural gas is used in order to generate power and steam. The hydrogen is a by-product of the electrolysis system at the plant and combusts in a fully climate-neutral manner as it is CO2 free when it is burned. In the field of steam distribution, Dow uses the extremely robust segment disc valve from Schubert & Salzer (Fig. 1). This special valve is characterised by excellent control precision, extremely economical long-term tightness and almost complete no-wear attributes.
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April 2016 | Application Report Elsta

Dutch thermal power station reduces cavitation damage via the utilisation of Schubert & Salzer sliding gate valves

ELSTA, a joint venture between Delta, Essent and the American company, AES, is one of the most environmentally-friendly thermal power stations on Earth. Compared to older power stations of the same design, ELSTA has a very impressive 75 % efficiency and consequently, makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2.
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February 2015 | Application Report Braas

Construction materials industry uses robust control valve in order minimise operating costs

For three years, a ball sector valve has been used beneath the mixer cone at the Braas production facility in Mainburg. Initially, the rapid delivery times and low investment costs were crucial factors in terms of the conversion. The exceptional robustness of this valve that is almost completely maintenance-free despite
abrasive process conditions, minimises downtimes and maintenance periods. Consequently, the ball sector valve makes an important contribution to the reduction of operating costs – even in the construction materials industry.
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March 2015 | Application Report Naturenergie Cham GmbH

Sliding gate valves open up enhanced flexibility for power plant planners and operators

The biomass combined heat and power plant (BMCHPP) by Naturenergie Cham GmbH generates 2.8 MWh of power from woodchips. The remaining medium steam pressure of 9 bar is supplied to different energy consumers with different requirements. In order to be able to serve this wide range, the steam flows have to be individually planned, controlled and if necessary finely adjusted. At the Cham plant, as well, the sliding gate valves by Schubert & Salzer Control Systems have proven to be perfectly suitable for this purpose. In addition to the low weight, compact dimensions, good insulation capabilities, low flow noises, high control precision, quickness, minimal leakage and minimal intrinsic energy consumption, for this project the sliding gate valves were outstanding due to the fact that Kvs values can be easily adapted to new circumstances with no problem by simply changing the functional unit.
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January 2014 | Application Report BMW

Sliding gate valves optimise the process reliability of light metal die casting

Conversion enables early detection of faults in BMW’s light metal die casting

In low pressure die casting, e.g. light metal engine blocks, the casting machines are filled by pressurising the furnaces. This requires highly precise pressure control along defined pressure curves in order to be able to produce a high quality casting and, for example, to prevent the metal pillars from moving around in the mould. In each case, BMW replaced the pressure control previously used for this purpose in its Landshut light metal foundry with a single sliding gate valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems. The outstanding control quality and the rapid reactive ability of the sliding gate valves have allowed the pressure head curves to be followed in a precisely reproducible manner. In addition, they offer the possibility of compensating for process influences when furnaces of different sizes are used.
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November 2013 | Application Report Paulaner

Maintaining a constant flow of beer

“O’zapft is” (“It’s tapped”): Control valve compensates pressure head automatically throughout festival tent beer tank

Since 2010, leading festival tent operators have converted to central beer supply systems at the Munich Oktoberfest. The pressure conditions prevailing at the bars and taps should be kept nearly constant at all times for trouble-free drawing despite changing pressure heads in the tanks and widely fluctuating beer sales. This is now achieved through the highly precise automatic control of the CO2 pressure head using the 6020 aseptic right-angle valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems.
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August 2013 | Application Report Apollo Tyres

Precise steam pressure control at Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres South Africa’s Durban plant had been experiencing steam fl ow control issues on the steam feed into the bladders on their truck tyre presses during the shaping sequence of the tyre curing process. The problem was that while they required rapid bladder inflation, any resultant pressure above the desired set point caused defective tyres to be moulded. The steam supply pressure was 17 Bar and the maximum allowable downstream pressure was 0.5 Bar. The bleed off from the bladder was controlled by a fixed orifice.
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May 2013 | Application Report Munich Airport

Sliding gate valves optimise airport’s power plant

Retrofit in power generation reduces fuel consumption and improves performance

Sliding gate valves have excellent control characteristics. Munich Airport’s power plant now also benefits from these inherent advantages, as the existing gas flow butterfly valves of two diesel gas pilot ignition (duel fuel) engines were replaced by sliding gate valves. This retrofit minimises the gas consumed by the power generators. Thanks to using a combination of sliding gate valves with digital positioners, the operating performance could also be improved.
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April 2013 | Application Report Hongta Tobacco & Palmaju Edible Oil

The sliding gate valve reins in costs for steam systems

Rapid control dynamics reduce steam consumption by up to 30 %

The level of quality attainable in controlling a steam plant is heavily dependent on the dynamic characteristics of the total system comprising the control element, actuator and controller. The control parameters for sliding gate valves relating to dynamic behaviour are clearly superior to those for conventional control valves. As a result, the highly responsive dynamics not only improve the control quality but also form the basis for control circuits with very short reaction times. This has proved to be the key factor in steam savings of up to 30 %. Current comparisons of steam plant operators show that savings of this magnitude are attainable only by installing a sliding gate valve in place of a traditional control valve.
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April 2012 | Application Report PVS Chemicals

Producing dilutions with a tolerance of only 0.02 %

PVS Chemicals Belgium relies on the control precision and media resistance of
the sliding gate valve

PVS Chemicals in addition to many other products produces extremely pure chemicals which are used in the semiconductor industry, for manufacturing printed circuit boards. One of the company's outstanding innovations is the production of ultra-pure sulphuric acid. As the only worldwide producer, PVS is able to supply diluted acid at a consistently high level of purity in which any impurities are measured down in the ppt (parts per trillion) range. The purity of acid enables PCBs to be manufactured in a way, so the individual circuit paths can be placed even closer together. This allows electronic devices such as smartphones to be made smaller and lighter. Schubert & Salzer Control Systems' sliding gate valves have proved to be outstandingly successful in the processing plant producing the diluted Sulphuric Acid.
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May 2011 | Application Report Flensburg Brewery

Convincing in all respects

Sliding gate valves are firm favourites in Flensburg Brewery's supplier list.

"When a control valve explodes in your face due to condensate or water hammering, it really makes you think," says Lutz Riedel, machine supervisor at Flensburg Brewery. This happened to him twenty years ago, upon which he started looking for safe alternatives. And he discovered these in the shape of Schubert & Salzer Control Systems' sliding gate valves. He began using them as standard in his operations because he was persuaded not only by the high degree of safety but also due to their compactness, easy handling and maintenance.
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February 2011 | Application Report Eichbaum Brewery

Steam systems efficiency optimised by control elements

Eichbaum Brewery replaces boiler room seat valves with sliding gate valves.

When traditional valves with a metal seat are used to shut off and restrict steam, they are highly susceptible to scoring. Inevitably this leads to costly and even dangerous leakages of steam. This was one of the reasons why the Eichbaum Brewery, one of the largest and most productive breweries in Baden-Württemberg, has placed its faith in sliding gate valves in modernisation measures undertaken since 2007. This has involved progressively replacing its defective globe-type valves, used up to that time, with sliding gate valves, since the latter valves provide a seal without a metal seat and therefore offer significant advantages - not just in steam systems.
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January 2011 | Application Report Ara Flos

Air in Homeopathic Doses for Microorganisms

The management of the Flos sewage treatment plant in Wetzikon places a high value on innovation coupled with efficiency. It is therefore not surprising, that they prefer suppliers who can put forward innovative solutions when making their purchases.
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May 2010 | Application Report Papermill Grünewald

Control paper grammage weights precisely

Professional Papermaking - Basis weight valve with precise positionning drive

The Grünewald company with headquartes in Hofolpe in the southern part of the Sauerland region has modernized its process control. Thanks to a new process control system and a new grammage weight control valve the company's throughput and paper quality are being further improved. Through the introduction of a highly accurate Sector Ball Valve with an internally mounted angle transducer and Stepper motor, a significant stabilisation of the process could be achieved together with improved quality at markedly higher throughputs.
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May 2007 | Application Report Novelis

Sliding gate valves excel in aluminium rolling mill

Reliable leak-tightness despite suspended particles and fast response times as cost factors

The application of emulsions is an important factor when hot-rolling aluminium. Accordingly, the control of the specifically required quantities of rolling emulsion is crucial. Sliding gate valves have well proven their reliability, especially in applications where the cooling medium is enriched with abrasive aluminium oxide particles and a high rate of response cycles is required.
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February 2004 | Application Report

An Exotic Valve with Economic Potential

Ticona solves tricky situation with Ball Sector Valve.

When an expensive control valve breaks down after three months only, a remedy is needed badly. But engineering resin producer Ticona had been having to live with this situation for considerable time due to their extraordinary producing process. Thinking outside the box was the way out. Using an "exotic" ball sector valve not only solved the problem, but also saves money.
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