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About us
Our Passion for Precision: Valve and Control Technology

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems’ products can be found in a wide variety of areas within the process industry. Whether it is in the production of chemical or pharmaceutical products, food processing, bottle filling or the production of steel, paper or solar cells – in short, wherever liquid or gaseous flows need to be controlled, we will be there for you. Our valves are amongst the most efficient on today’s market when it comes to energy consumption, durability and sound pollution. Their compact construction and high quality and control accuracy mean they are easy to install and service. Our valves do the same job as our competitors’ products but we use less material to make them so they are environmentally friendlier and much lighter. To maintain this advantage, many bright sparks at Schubert & Salzer spend their days working on further optimisation and adjustment to client requirements because here, there is no such thing as an off-the-peg product – we only offer tailor-made solutions. We are driven by our passion for precision because the safety of your processes is our highest priority.
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