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8021 GS3
Control valve with diaphragm actuator
Type 8021
Sliding gate control valve
with integrated positioner
product line GS3
(reinforced version)
size DN 15 - DN 250
pressure PN 10/40, PN100,
ANSI #150, #300, #600
This control valve is used in control circuits for neutral and aggressive media in the chemicals, process engineering and plant construction industries. Positioners (pneumatic or electro-pneumatic) are used for precise control. The valve is equipped with an integrated positioner (top-mounted) as standard.
Stainless steel 1.4571 or 1.4581
Carbon steel 1.0570 or 1.0619

Media temperature up to 350 C
Special versions available on request.
Intermediate flange version
Digital positioner type 8049 or 8048
Electro-pneumatic positioner type 8047
Pneumatic positioner
Positioner with integrated process controller

Positioner with mounting acc. to NAMUR standard (lateral)
Metal bellows
Limit switch
Position feedback
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data sheet
8021-GS3_-_data_sheet.pdf 388 KB
modified 16.05.2018
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data sheet USA
8021-GS3_-_data_sheet_-_US.pdf 360 KB
modified 28.11.2017
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Kvs values / Cv values
8001e.pdf 120 KB
modified 21.10.2014
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8021_-_Anleitung_-_Operating_Instructions_-_Manuel.pdf 1530 KB
modified 04.12.2017
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