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Type 7077
Endless tube control valve
Endless tube control valve
Type 7077
Pinch control valve
size DN 6 - DN 14
Probably the most hygienic way of controlling a flow of media is for the valve not to touch the media at all. The endless tube pinch valve operates according to this principle. The medium is channelled through a tube and the valve compresses the tube pneumatically. This constriction of the hose adjusts the flow. This principle means the valve is suitable for lots of critical applications in the chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals industries.
Body: Stainless steel 1.4301
Passage of endless tubes with external diameters from 10 to 18 mm.
Digital positioner type 8049
Electro-pneumatic positioner type 8047
Pneumatic positioner
Positioner with integrated process controller
Operating pressures up to 4 bar
Media temperature: -30 C to +170 C
(depending on the tube quality used)

no dead spaces and indentations, therefore can be sterilised by steam and hot air
Brass, stainless steel or fibre enforced plastic hood
Limit switch
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