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8035 GS3
Sliding gate motor valve with zero point return
Sliding gate motor valve with zero point return
Type 8035
Sliding gate motor valve
with zero point return
product line GS3
(reinforced version)
size DN 15 - DN 250
pressure PN 10/40, PN100,
ANSI #150, #300, #600
The sliding gate motor valve with zero point return moves back to its defined home position if there is a power failure. This means it is extremely well suited to safety-critical control tasks. The return function of the electrical actuator is operated by spring force. Actuator motors of differing sizes permit adaptation to the particular force requirement.
Stainless steel 1.4571 or 1.4581
Carbon steel 1.0570 or 1.0619

Media temperature up to 350°C
Special versions available on request.
Intermediate flange version
Control actuators or 3-point actuators
Thrust 1.2 kN; 3 kN
Voltage 230 V AC, 24 V AC,
110/120 V AC
Class of protection: IP 65
Metal bellows
Integrated positioner (positioner electronics)
Analog stroke feedback
Limit switch
data sheet
8035-GS3_-_data_sheet.pdf 422 KB
modified 16.05.2018
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data sheet USA
8035-GS3_-_data_sheet_-_US.pdf 208 KB
modified 28.11.2017
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Kvs values / Cv values
8001e.pdf 120 KB
modified 21.10.2014
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8035_-_Anleitung_-_Operating_Instructions_-_Manuel.pdf 1102 KB
modified 04.12.2017
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