Our Environment: Our Responsibility

At Schubert & Salzer we try to keep our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. For example, we try to minimise use of both materials and energy in our production processes. Waste resulting from the manufacturing of our products is avoided wherever possible and what cannot be avoided is recycled when appropriate.

Schubert & Salzer control Systems and Schubert & Salzer Feinguss Lobenstein are holders of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 / DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificates. Feinguss Lobenstein works based on VDA 6.1 and also holds an environmental management certificate conforming to DIN EN ISO 14001.

The Environment

  • We reduce or avoid the environmental impact, such as waste that results from the manufacturing of our products as far as possible.
  • We look upon the environmental policy as being an economic and social necessity.
  • In all of our activities, we keep the effects on the environment as low as possible.
  • When designing our products, we pay special attention to minimising the material input and the energy requirements of the plant.
  • At the Ingolstadt site, the service water system is provided from a rainwater storage tank.
  • A combined heat and power plant provides the head office in Ingolstadt with electrical and thermal energy.

Economical use of Resources

  • "low material consumption"

    Ingenious designs such as the wafer design combined with small actuators result in considerable waste reductions.
    This results in fewer materials being used during the manufacturing process.

  • "energy-saving"

    The 8049 positioner technology only requires a partial pneumatic auxiliary energy for a permanent operation. This means that our positioners do not have a permanent compressed air consumption so that they are extremely-efficient.

  • "resources-saving"

    The short stroke, low wear, longer service life and an extremely low emission over the spindle sealing makes it possible to save both, resources and the environment.

Moreover, the proprietors of Schubert & Salzer traditionally engage for society. During the last years they actively played important roles in the following facilities:

Schubert & Salzer company group has been involved with artists such as William Sweetlove for many years now. The famous Belgian wants his work to make people sit up and notice. One of his aims is to create awareness of the beginning insanity, reflected by the cloning of animals, the poisoning of the environment and consumption of water resources. His little penguins with water bottles on their back represent the threat as well as the transformation of the animal kingdom due to the needs of the increasing global population as well as the careless consumption of resources and aims to emphasis the significance of drinking water for future generations. Their bright colours symbolise our random transformation of nature.

Cloned Penguins with PET Water Bottles

William Sweetlove

German Foundry Association
European Foundry Association CAEF
Federation of German Industry
German Engineering Federation Bavaria
member of the board
SME Committee of the Federation of German Industry
member of the board
Discussion Group University of Münster
Chairman of the board
Executive committee of the German Society for foreign affairs
member of the board
Junior Managers Annaberg
member of the board
Initiative "Germany – Country of Ideas"
Association of the Promotion of Sciences in Germany