Our clients: Our Focus

Durable and trustful customer relationships are the requirement for long-term success. The excellent quality of our individual solutions has already managed to convince many famous companies. We believe that every customer is unique and we therefore individually adapt every Schubert & Salzer Group product to your requirements.

We pay close attention right from the very start in order to note and meet your requirements. We use this information to develop your tailor-made product and, where necessary, break new ground. Economic and stable production processes enable us to supply you with a long-term solution in a constantly high quality.

A selection of industries in which Schubert & Salzer Group customers are active:

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
• Tyre production
• Manufacture of iron, steel, non-ferrous metal
• Food and beverage industry
• Automotive
• Textile
• Energy
• Water Treatment
• Pulp and paper
• Mechanical and plant engineering
• Plastic production
• Refineries
• Test bench technology

Susanne Rottenbacher, an artist from Berlin has created a light sculpture along the entrance of the entrance to the new Schubert & Salzer building: a curved line of light like a three-dimensional drawing within the room, made of plexiglass and filled with a light that irradiates an intensive red colour, connects the object that appears to be floating, to the architectural installations in the room. The illuminated figure illusively penetrates the existing sidewalls of the entrance, resists the architectural boundaries and pursues its own form. Its shining light mirrors in reflective strips that are mounted on the left and right sidewalls.

The artist stages the elongated entrance with a dynamic movement of guided light, a composed form and an intensive colour, a highly aesthetic ambivalence comprising immateriality and crystalline materiality.

The line of light that also provides a view of its technical interior through the transparent plexiglass shell, stands out from its surroundings with its essential brilliance and atmospherically charges it with dynamics but at the same time, the sculpture also invokes design elements of the building that already exist whilst at the same time, its curved form alludes to the corporate logo.

The communicative potential of light, form and colour is masterly evolved by Susanne Rottenbacher.

Charlotte Desaga

Rushing Red

Susanne Rottenbacher