A bit about art

Those who know the famous towers of San Gimignano, Florence or Siena must be reminded of Italy and its impressive architecture when catching sight of the original Schubert & Salzer tower in Chemnitz. In the world of big business, Schubert & Salzer is a small company but its former factory in Chemnitz is a listed cultural industrial monument. The Schubert & Salzer directors of the time believed design was very important.

The famous photographer, Albert Renger-Patzsch, took around 1,500 industrial photographs of Schubert & Salzer between 1955 and 1966; most of them are today to be found in the Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

"Art stimulates curiosity, encourages amazement and opens new areas for experience."
Ulrike Lehmann, art historian

Art in the company

The reason why various types of art are dotted around the business premises of Schubert & Salzer is to provide employees with unusual and multifaceted impulses. The idea is to stimulate them to think differently, to compare old paths with unusual constellations and to even creatively look for new solutions in a playful manner.

At the same time, we want to utilise selected pieces of art to create an attractive, almost happy atmosphere to work in.

Art may not be something elite and foreign that only represents a far-away world in museums; it belongs to daily life as well as our routine. Therefore, Schubert & Salzer has been collecting significant pieces of art from well-known and less well-known artists for many years; the hope is to give joy to everyone who works with Schubert & Salzer and constantly stimulate us to achieve independent creativity.

Rupprecht Geiger
untitled, 1968

Jean Miotte
Eloge, 80s

Georg Karl Pfahler
Kl.Espan SRO, 1994/95

Bilateral Density, 2016

Jörg Michael Höb
New York (for 100 years the voice Frank Sinatra), 2015

Jean Miotte
untitled, ca. 1990

Piero Dorazio
Unbrennbar, 1994

Jürgen Reipka
Kontrollierte Spontanität, 1990

Georg Karl Pfahler
Gouache Formativ, 1962

Piero Dorazio
Susurro, 1992

David Spiller
Reach out and I'll be there, 2007

David Spiller
My lover stands on golden sands, 2007

David Spiller
The best is yet to come, 2007

Iso Zingg
"Kompositionen 2002 - 2014" Nr. 75

Broken Corals, 2016

Louis Wöhner
Schubert & Salzer Gießereihalle Ingolstadt

Piero Dorazio
Ochosi, 1992

Adolf Fleischmann
untitled, 1959

Piero Dorazio
untitled, 1985

Piero Dorazio
untitled, 1995

William Sweetlove
9 Cloned penguins with petbottle, 2015