We take responsibility

As a company, we have versatile relationships with the environment and society – and we accept our responsibility to shape them. This means that we contribute towards ensuring long-term, sustainable growth under fair conditions for everyone.

Over and above that, we are involved in various associations and initiatives in order to help in actively shaping the future and developing new ideas for doing so.

Schubert & Salzer company group has been involved with artists such as William Sweetlove for many years now. The famous Belgian wants his work to make people sit up and notice. One of his aims is to create awareness of the beginning insanity, reflected by the cloning of animals, the poisoning of the environment and consumption of water resources. His little penguins with water bottles on their back represent the threat as well as the transformation of the animal kingdom due to the needs of the increasing global population as well as the careless consumption of resources and aims to emphasis the significance of drinking water for future generations. Their bright colours symbolise our random transformation of nature.

Cloned Penguins with PET Water Bottles

William Sweetlove

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