Something about art

Those who know the famous towers of San Gimignano, Florence or Siena must be reminded of Italy and its impressive architecture when catching sight of the original Schubert & Salzer tower in Chemnitz. In the world of big business, Schubert & Salzer is a small firm but its former machine works building in Chemnitz is a listed cultural industrial monument. Design was already important to the Board, even back in those days.

The famous photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch took around 1,500 industrial photographs of Schubert & Salzer; most of them are today to be found in the museum Ludwig, Cologne.

Art in the company

When Schubert & Salzer in the 1990s moved to new premises in Ingolstadt and Bad Lobenstein, the management worked hard to maintain modern, aesthetically appealing industrial design. Young, local artists worked on the interior of the new building in Bad Lobenstein whilst works from contemporary artists such as Horst Antes, Piero Dorazio,

Rupprecht Geiger and und Georg Karl Pfahler can be seen in the Ingolstadt premises. The worlds of art and work need not be mutually exclusive. Even an industrial environment can be beautiful, if you want it to be.

Rupprecht Geiger
untitled, 1968

Georg Karl Pfahler
Kl.Espan SRO, 1994/95

Piero Dorazio

Jürgen Reipka
Kontrollierte Spontanität, 1990

Georg Karl Pfahler
Gouache Formativ, 1962

Piero Dorazio
Susurro, 1992

David Spiller
Reach out and I'll be there, 2010

David Spiller
My lover stands on golden sands, 2009

David Spiller
The best is yet to come, 2007

Piero Dorazio
ohne Titel, 1995

William Sweetlove
Cloned Penguins with PET Water Bottles, 2013