Our Staff: Foundation for our Success

Qualified, motivated staff are the foundation on which we build to reach our long-term company goals. We contribute to the society in which we live by providing sustainable jobs, by training our staff and by supporting highly qualified employees at an early stage, encouraging them to stay with us following our combined vocational and degree study programme.

Our longstanding production locations in Ingolstadt and Bad Lobenstein remain important to us, despite our position as a global player. We also produce our valve technologies in the USA and generate sales through our subsidiaries in Belgium, the UK, France and India, and a well-spread international network of partners. The high standards we follow in our home market are implemented just the same all over the world.

On the international market, we cannot encompass and fulfil all our customer’s requirements if we think and act narrowly. Our international subsidiaries are led by local managers and we adjust to the requirements of a regional market by accepting the perspectives offered by our colleagues from other cultures and attempting to learn from these differences.